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Few would argue that Krug is the one of the finest of all Champagnes - the reason it is so good is because it is one of the very few Champagnes to be matured in wooden casks (99% of all Champagne is produced in stainless steel vats) However, over the past 7 years Raymond Boulard Champagnes have been maturing more and more of their production in wooden casks, producing those luscious old fashioned complex Champagnes that we would all like to drink but can seldom (if ever) afford!

So why isn’t it more expensive? Mr Boulard would like it to be the same price as the Grande Marques, but he is not as well known and doesn’t have the marketing budget of the Champagne giants!

The Boulard family use no artificial fertilisers or insecticides, & most of the production is organic (At the moment they actually plant and pick according to the phases of the moon!)

The real difference comes from the pressing - the grapes are very lightly pressed and squeezed to produce a clearer, purer grape juice, with none of the residue from pips and stalks etc.

Most Champagne is then adjusted with a sweet liqueur, but not Boulard’s. The wine is so good, it is bottled without additional sweetening. This is the desirable – nature – so favoured in top French restaurants.


We are not wine merchants, and we don’t do this for a living, (in fact, we own Marrs Leather Shops). This all started about 14 years ago, when friends asked us to share with them the excellent Champagne we served at home.

Obviously, being local shopkeepers, we couldn’t get involved with black-market Champagne dealing (Oh no we couldn’t!) So we approached HM Customs & Excise, and discovered the occasional importers licence, and each year we show all the documents showing payments of duty and VAT to our customers.

Our ‘Champagne for Christmas’ leaflets have been so successful, we now supply several local restaurants and pubs, and sell many thousands of bottles. What started as a 'once a year' trip has now become an all year around business.

We also have the facilities to offer custom labels for businesses, weddings and other special occasions, however there is a minimum order quantity of 120 bottles.


Raymond Boulard Reserve Brut
Winner of two international silver medals, this is a great Champagne. Very well balanced, clean and not acidic. Compare it with your favourite, you will be very impressed!
£16.95 per bottle, £101.70 per case

Reserve Label

Reserve Bottle

Raymond Boulard Rosé
Not your average pink Champagne, made by leaving the pressings in the skins for just long enough to pick up a little tannin and colour. Very sexy appearance, & very nice!
£19.95 per bottle, £119.70 per case

Rose label

Rose bottle

Raymond Boulard Mailly Grand Cru
Winner of a ‘Prix de Excellence’ from the only Grand Cru champagne region! 60% of all my sales are the “Mailly”. A connoisseur’s choice, complex, biscuity, and old fashioned.
£19.95 per bottle, £119.70 per case

Mailly Grand Cru label

Mailly Grand Cru bottle

Raymond Boulard Petraea
100% matured in wood, this is rare, very full, not at all lightweight, not sweet, but big. Other Champagne merchants buy this from me for their own consumption! As it is so different, as long as you order a minimum of 6 bottles of one of the others, why not try a bottle or two of this masterpiece?
£29.95 per bottle, £179.70 per case

Petraea label

Petraea bottle

If you would like to place an order, please email us with your telephone number and we will contact you to arrange payment and delivery.


Prices include all duty & VAT payable

The minimum order is for one case of six bottles (and multiples thereof)

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, Visa, Maestro, or Mastercard - sorry, no AMEX

If delivery is required, we can arrange a courrier to deliver - please contact us to discuss this option. We must stress that we prefer collection from our premises, as we have no control over heavy-handed couriers, and breakages do sometimes occur!

We will confirm your order to you upon receipt. Please check that we have the correct details, and bring the confirmation with you if collecting your Champagne.


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